Chapter 1 – The Room Where We Met [Chisel]

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Chisel entered the empty, windowless room. Even if she couldn’t find a source of light, the room was bright, almost blindingly so.

“Seems that I am the first one here, then”, she said while taking a huge breath.

The voice from before had told her that they would be five individuals, including her, given a day to interact with each other before they had to work together. And that she should know that she could meet any kind of individuals.

The voice had said some other things as well, but Chisel was curious for what other people she would meet, to the point that she was getting goose bumps.

She was not against meeting new people, no, rather the opposite. She had fun when she could socialize and interact, to be able to make friends with people.

She gazed around the room while treading towards it middle.

It felt futuristic with the smooth structure of the walls, and the cleanliness was almost clinical, though she felt a little bit lonely without any furniture or something to put one’s eyes on.

Then she found a panel beside the door she just entered through, and walked towards it.

Its buttons had symbols she couldn’t identify, so she hesitated slightly before pressing one of them.

When she turned her head her eyes opened in amazement, when a table and a sofa surrounding it emerged from the floor, before it settled in the middle of the room.

With delighted skips Chisel hurried to the sofa and buried her face in one of its pillows. Even if it had a somewhat futuristic and sturdy appearance, it felt soft and comfy.

After a while her happy expression turned into a gloomy one, when the memories of her before coming to this place surfaced.

So, she wasn’t going to see her friends anymore? On top of them all slowly getting partners and having less and less time with her, now she wouldn’t be able to meet them herself? Was it always going to be like this? As soon as she becomes happy, people will start leaving her?

She hugged the pillow tighter, as an outward sign of not wanting to lose anymore of those she cared about.

As soon as she heard the approaching steps outside the metallic doors, she quickly wiped away the tears, sat up and watched the door curiously. She did remember the voice telling her that all of them came from different worlds, so she was pretty excited to meet the other girls. They could be any type of girls, maybe even a cute nekomimi*.

When the doors slide open, a young woman entered, giving the room an examination with her eyes, almost as if she was prepared for a fight.

Her leather armor and simple clothes quickly announced that she was from a fantasy world. She was clearly a beauty. Even with the demonic details, like the long tail and the goat-like, thick horns, her human features was definitely not a bad view. Was she maybe one of those succubi?

Chisel jumped up from the sofa and went to the woman with happy skips.

“Hi! I’m Chisel Friegynodo”, introduced Chisel while extending her hand for a handshake, not being able to hide her big grin, “I hope we will have a great time together.”

The woman furrowed her brows as she hesitantly accepted the handshake.

It took a short moment for Chisel to understand that the woman, clearly from a different world than her, probably didn’t speak the same language as her. This might become difficult.

Chisel then pointed towards herself, while saying her own name. The woman repeated the words, as if asking if she had said it correctly, which Chisel nodded to.

“Chisel?” asked the woman then.

She already want to have a first name relation, both moved and embarrassed. But maybe it was better, if they were going to be together for a while, since she wanted to have a friend she could rely on as long as she would be here. She didn’t want to be alone once again, no matter what.

Chisel timidly nodded again, her cheeks lightly turning red.

The woman then did a waving motion with her hand towards herself, while announcing with a clear voice:


As Chisel waited, the atmosphere started to get a bit awkward.

Isn’t she going to tell her last name? Is she too embarrassed about it or does-oh, that’s her whole name.

When Chisel realized that, her cheeks got a deeper red color of her second failure of reading the mood, and tried to cover it up somewhat with repeating the woman’s name.

Werignha nodded, seemingly ignoring Chisel’s mistakes, which just raised Chisel’s respect for her even more.

As the introduction was rounded up, Chisel led Weringha to the sofa, happy to have made a new friend.

Nekomimi – Half-human half-cat humanoid, though the only cat feature it has is the ears and the tail. Google it, and you will get the gist of it.

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