Chapter 2 – A War Coming To An End [Renessa]

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They finally breached the gates to Lethunia, the capitol of tyranny and misery. The terror was finally coming to an end. The emperor Saxiaris XI rule seem to have seen its final days.

The rebell army was flooding into the city, tearing apart any resistance like a spring flood. The enemy soldiers had no chance, both their morale and defences demolished. Many corpses helped painting an ocean of red through the streets, while the terrified citizens hid deep within their cellars and dark corners, away from the slaughter.

When the first wave of rebells had burst through the gates, it was time for the Shadowwalkers to act.

A group of sixteen cloaked individuals sneaked through the darker parts of the city, moving towards their goal with swiftness and secrecy. Their lean bodies was hid under slim, dark clothes, concealing both gender, appearance and weapons.

Their skill lied with assassination, and their mission today was the head of this empire, Saxiaris XI himself. The reward was going to be 1% of all the riches the emperor had accumulated, which would be the greatest assassination the Shadowwalkers had accomplished, both when it comes to reward as well as the most powerful individual being assassinated.

The payment for hired Shadowwalkers was always after the completion of a mission, to prove that they would complete the requested assassination, that they were professionals. And those which failed to fulfill the agreed payment would find themself in the same situation as the requested target. People quickly learned that not paying was the quickest way to stay unhealthy, and the respect for Shadowwalkers was nothing short of being legendary.

Renessa, abandonned by birth and lived as a beggar until her 5th birthday, was picked up by them and became a full-fledged member at the age of 12. Almost her entire life have been surrounded by death, and she was well respected even within the brotherhood*.

She and the ones around her was considered to be the best of the brotherhood, and even if a few of them would die in this mission, she was sure of it becoming a success. She had done this for 14 years, and the others around her was experienced veternas as well, some of them having skills far surpassing her own.

For example, Grint had an unnatural hunting ability, and his smell was as good as a wolf’s. Mormar almost had a sixth sense for traps, as well as arranging them himself. Vivanda’s could hit a fly at a 100 meters distance, as well as use extremely unbalanced objects without any hinderance and sometimes hit targets around corners. And Emyree was the one who would find you, not the other way.

Even if Renessa hated speaking and socializing with other people, she did enjoy the time together with the others from her brotherhood with the small handsigns and subtle gestures they exchanged. It was their way to communicate between each other, like when Mormar gives a faint smile to show something hilarious; when Grint sniffed in the air and looked at you to inform that you had a noticable smell; or when Emyree held your arm during hiding and softly squeezed it when it was ok to move, even though you already knew about it.

They had made groups of four with different objectives: her group was to carry out the assassination, one group was to take care of the guards and other threats, one group was going to make sure no one would flee the scene or to interrupt the assassination, and the last group was both taking care of watching over it all while hiding as well as being back up for any of the other groups in case of emergency.

They were quickly closing in on the obnoxiously big castle, all while avoiding any risk of being found of neither soilders, civilians or any other people who could warn about their presense, even the invading rebells.

No matter what kind of reason her employer would have for hiring her, she would always just silently do her part, rechieve the payment and go to her next employer. This time was no different.

The rules were simple: Kill as discretly as possible, get the payment, do not kill another Shadowwalker, and do not misuse your skills. This was what all Shadowwalkers agree upon when joining the brotherhood. Any member that broke any of these would not walk among the living for long.

Renessa took a quick glance at the castle while dashing from shadow to shadow. The rising sun gave the higher parts of the castle a golden feeling, while the lower parts which was still in the dark felt more like having a veil of soil over it. And for a seco-

eVErYThinG WIlL eNiTHreE hOuRs!

She almost fell over from the shock, which gave some surprised looks from the others.

She quickly measured the distance to the castle, and started to get a bad feeling from it.

With a gesture she told them to hurry up, and apparantly she had looked terrified enough to make the others to pick up the pace.

Whatever kind of being that had sent her that message inside her head, she hoped it wasn’t a prophecy for their failure.

Brotherhood – I call it a brotherhood, but there’s women in it as well, and I didn’t knew what else to call it. If you have a better word, please present it for me.

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