Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and things occuring within it is purely fictional. Common sense is a good guideline, and if you think otherwise, well, as long as you keep it civilized there won’t be a problem. Remember, asshattery will only show your own flaws, most people don’t listens to stupidity.
If there seem to be a historical/non-original characters in here, it is just my own take on them, and is surely different from yours.
If there might be a mistake made with the grammar, spelling or a weird combination of words, it would be appreciated if you pointed it out, since we all know it is hard to achieve perfection.

Explaination of terms will either be at the bottom of the page, or written here:
About Trapped in a different dimension

The room was uncomfortably white, unnatural in its cleanliness. The same for the chairs and the elliptical table.

But an even more peculiar sight was the group of individuals that sat on the said chairs around the table, as one could almost mistake this for either cosplayers, or those having a sever case of chuunibyou* syndrome.

Either way, total silence ruled this place, apart from the repeated cracking of knuckles from a tall, six-armed individual in blue-and-black robes. The silence continued for quite a while, until a woman-appearing creature opened her right eye.

The sound when she opened it was a loud, organic one, revealing a quadruple-irised eye, each differently colored iris within another, with a thin, cat-like pupil in the middle of it. Her left eye was still sealed shut, with white eye-lashes instead of the original black the rest of her hair seemed to have.

She slightly tilted her head, while in an unemotional voice announcing:

“It is time for the next experiment.”

A cackling laughter could be heard from a mass of teeth and eyes, while at the same time it said:

“Time we have an excess of, but not patience.”

“You talk about feelings as if you knew what it was”, sneered an individual who you could only take for a lich* with glowing, red orbs where the eyes should have been, in the size pupils.

“Your arguments sure amuses me”, smirked a woman who just seemed to be too perfect, with no shade of ever having had hair on her head, not even eye-brows or eye-lashes.

The six-armed being suddenly stopped cracking his knuckles, and placed his hands on top on the table.

This action made everyone freeze up in what almost could be called fear.

“Thank you for your input”, said the first woman, as if the six-armed being had said something, “but I would refrain from doing that once again. You do know the failures that happened last time we did that.”

A simple crack from a finger was heard from him, the others having faces of combined curiosity and irritation.

“Good that we are on the same page”, declared the woman, appearing to be the only one to understand what he said.

“Now, we are attempting the same experiment for the 43 571st try, still aiming for the one hundred thousand minimum for multiversal acceptance of a new idea. And will confirm for the last time – are we all to stay until the completion of this new idea-in-making?”

Tired nods were given from those who cared to answer, just confirming that this had already been done plenty of times before.

“Without further redo, the one to-”

“Yes, yes. We already know that I am next in line to do it.”

The one to interrupt her was an arachne*, who already was about to leave the room.

“Remember that this is an important task”, scolded the woman, “too many failures will result in the idea to not be accepted. We can’t afford to fail too many times, or we won’t be taken serious in the future.”

“I know, I know”, yawned the arachne, waving her hands impatiently. “I’ll take care of this.”

In the next moment, she had teleported away from the room, her presence completely gone.

“I wonder about that”, mumbles the lich.

Chuunibyou – Eight-grader syndrome, usually used for those who cannot discern fantasy from reality, or don’t want to do it.
Lich – An undead who excels at magic, is usually in command of large armies of the dead. Is more or less immortal.
Arachne – A humanoid with the lower half of an oversized spider, and the upper half of a human.

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